Production Capacity

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Factory Information

Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
Factory Location: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)


Production Capacity

Product Name Production Line Capacity
Face Mask 600000000plys/ Month
Blood Infusion Set 150000000plys/ Month
Gauze Product 20000000plys/ Month
Syringes and Needles 40000000plys/ Month
Surgical Blades 40000000plys / Month
Blood Bag 40000000plys / Month
Medical Glove 40000000plys / Month
Urine Bag 40000000plys / Month
Surgical Tube 40000000plys / Month


Production Equipment and Facilities

Verified Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity
Mildew Incubator No Information 2
Electric Heating Constant Temperature Incubator No Information 1
White Tester WSB-X 1
Constant Temperature Water-bath Water GKC 1
Analytical Balance No Information 1
Spectrophotometer No Information 1
Sterile Laboratory No Information 3

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